Saturday, September 30, 2017


Sunday at the seaside park
Vegetables, meat, on the grill,
Circling seahawks calls
Are plaintive and shrill,
Floating above in the Autumn
Breeze, as seahawks will...

Angry Old Man

One-way conversation
Yelling his views
At the commentators
On the television news

Not There Yet

Unwritten and unread
The words remain
Hidden inside my head


Around the shrine
There is no sound,
Muted ancient
Holy ground,
Silence soothing,
And profound...

Friday, September 29, 2017


A song I loved
But forgot,
Plays over a
Half-empty parking lot,
From a time back
So long and far,
It makes me cry
As I sit in the car...

From The North

When the Vikings got bored,
They'd sail to distant villages
And put them to the sword...


Crows get to
Eat their fill...