Sunday, March 18, 2018

Veterans Hospital

Old, fat, in peace,
He thinks back on the war
Knows that things haven’t changed,
Wonders what it was for,
All that desperate bloody
Effort holds no meaning anymore...

Driving In Low Gear

The under-appreciated joy of
Being deliberately lazy,
Gliding through a slow day’s
Minutes, unfocused and hazy,
No need for drugs,
It’s just a natural high
Being able to love
Each moment which goes by...

Somewhere North Of Damascus

Refugee center destroyed during
Government forces advance
Lost souls whisper “We had no
Choice, we never had a chance”
Ghosts in the rubble where the
Toxic war flames dance...


Unhorsed, shot with arrows,
I lie in the mud and bleed,
Curse the English and watch
The crows descend to feed...

Armored knights, the glory
Of France, lie broken in piles,
Metal, gore, and noble names
On the list the Reaper files...

In The Shadows

Wait until the dark
Arrives where light has been
That’s when the special
Things can begin...

Wednesday, March 14, 2018


Drifting in the void
Caused by
Love destroyed

Nature’s Call

Spring wind today
And out on the bay
Visitors from the North
Tern and Loon
Will be leaving soon...