Tuesday, April 30, 2013


I search, no, I lunge
For the words to portray,
The beautiful notion
Which floated my way...

Words, which might
Somehow display,
This rare feeling,
Ere it drifts away.

For Corporal Paul Allenson, USMC

You dig your hole
Deep into the dirt,
Hoping it will keep
You from getting hurt.

Your head on a swivel,
Watch where you walk,
Through the all bad places
The bad guys stalk.

You young, tough, well-armed
Marines, who have come upon
This desert land, to fight and
Destroy the Taliban.

Diet Doggerel

You must be able,
If you want to stay trim,
To leave the dinner table,
And go to the gym.

It takes gumption,
Yes, it's hot and hard,
But otherwise, your life,
Will be full of lard.

Certificates And Awards

As it goes, the sum of all
He has accomplished,
Hangs, framed, on the wall,
Gathering dust...

The Meaning Of Life

Muslims and Catholics,
And Protestants, as well,
All believe the other
Will go to Hell...

While others insist
There is no such place,
And our spirits recycle,
Through time and space...

Then there are those,
Who are coldly aware,
That after the end,
There's nothing there...
So enjoy every day,
Every breath of air.

Famous Last Words

Sober, and thinking,
How I'd rather
Be drinking.

Sitting For Satori

The Japanese temple has
A Buddhist thing called Zen,
Where you meditate, or fall
Asleep now and then,
Which is when the monk
Goes on the attack,
And, with a wake-up stick,
He gives you a "whack!"
On your shoulder, or
Sometimes your back,
Instantly returning you
To your quiet, seated, fate,
To seek, through the knee
Pain, your enlightened state.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Asics' Gift

It feels newer, better,
Wondrous feelings suffuse,
Jogging along the same old path,
In a new pair of shoes.

Divine Guest, In Rural Ishikawa Prefecture

The old farmer calls-out to the field,
Inviting the rice god to come in from
The cold -- he escorts the god, concealed
From view, invisible, into the house,
To take a hot bath and have a meal,
In return for which, the farmer hopes
For blessing and big harvest yield.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Interspecies Aerobatics

A sea hawk and a crow
Dogfight in the cool spring
Wind, looping slow,
Then raptor-fast, the two
Birds, seem to be
Jousting, or just having
Fun, in an Avian way,
Up in the last cool breeze
Of a late-spring day.

朝食 Breakfast 

So many little bowls and dishes,
Each pretty in its own way,
Each with a bit of food one wishes
Were something more substantial,
Preferably involving bacon, or steak,
To transform this Japanese breakfast
Into a meal an American would make.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Vernal Gift

A house plant, left for dead,
Out on the balcony,
Is sprouting leaves instead...

An amazing thing,
A tiny green miracle
Of spring.

Boston Marathon, April 2013

Hate, spurred by religion, accrued
Over time, in the mind of a man
From a place of blood and feud
And revenge for one's clan...

Such hate, left to fester and brew,
Eventually drove him to kill
The innocents he never knew.

Reality At The Barbershop

The balding middle-aged man,
Still pays the haircut's full price...
For which he supposes he can
Sweet-talk the barber to charge
Less, in proportion to the missing
Locks, but he doesn't out of pride,
And reluctance to abandon the
Young man he still feels inside.

The Way Of Religion

Consider my head
Did it come first?
Or, did the
Chicken instead?

Doesn't matter, you say,
But alas, it's our fate,
To navel-gaze
And contemplate,
The big questions,

Only to pontificate,
Once an answer is "found"...

We then preach, "it's the truth",
To others, all around.

Leadership Puzzle

I'm working through a problem,
Stuck in a bad situation where
There are no rules, and I hope
At the end, an answer is there.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Journalism's Gift

Endless variations of
Wrong choices, and pure bad
Luck and stupidity...
Reading the news, makes me sad.

The Limits Of Protection

Hungry hawk above
"No worries at all,"
Says the Armadillo
Curling into a ball...

But he's actually
Out of luck,
Because here comes
A truck.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Electronic Dream Reader

My job as a scientist is to try
To envision, design, and make,
A machine which can read the
Dreams of those not awake...

If I can detect and discover
How phantasms work and run,
It might help cure or recover,
Minds which are lost or undone.

If I am successful, and the gear
Is developed which can look
Into sleep and make clear
What movie is playing in the brain
Victory will be declared, patents filed,
But we may lose more than we'll gain.

It Dawns On Me

I'm not completely convinced
This is the better way:
To spend one's waking hours
Trapped in the games we play...
Win or lose the hours pass,
I guess it's just that kind of day.