Saturday, November 30, 2013

Last Day Of November

The ginko tree has turned into
A beautiful blazing yellow gold,
Spectacular proof that
This year is now old,
And a new one awaits
In the coming cold,
Time advancing mercilessly
Sequentially and slow,
Its gift of hours and minutes
All spent before we know.

The Other Side

Sleep comes covertly...
A gradual warming...
And dreams take over,
With little warning,
Drifting into dramas
And scenery surreal,
Where we live for a while,
While we rest and heal.

Tool Using Apes

People sometimes do crazy
Things, unable to hide
The animal in all of us,
The monkey inside.

After The Feast

Having finally digested
The sacrificial turkey, which,
Yesterday, I ingested,
It's now back to yogurt,
Fruit, nuts, and the rest,
As the doctor requested...

Pillow Resort

Vastly underrated as a tourist destination,
A welcoming, fly-under-the-radar, best
Value, and relaxing vacation location,
Is the bed, where every night, I rest.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

A Distant Solar Lesson

An ice comet plunges into the sun,
Millions of miles away from our
Dramas played before a day is done,
And we never doubt the power
Of the sun, hell, we don't even know
How close we might have come,
To a sun-less final, cold, dark hour,
Caused by a cosmic Russian roulette,
Where large killer stellar ice-bergs
Crash and destroy, without regret,
Pure chance, a matter of mathematical
Reality and risk, a lost loser's bet.

Fire Pit

Something about a fire,
Warming, elemental, ancient,
And we never tire
Of looking into the flame,
That dances in-place
But is never the same,
And promises survival
For our huddled clan,
With another night's arrival.

Another Way

We push so hard sometimes
Tirelessly seeing things through,
But instead of wasting all that
Energy ... let the game come to you.


The song birds flutter and scatter
At the approach of the hungry hawk,
Would they say "Thank god we're safe",
If they were able to talk,
Or do not bird brains register the matter?


Waiting for my head to clear,
And, perhaps, for an idea to appear
From that mental zone
Where less than more is known...

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Liturgy Of A Day

Lauds, is the moment, at the dawn of a new day,
Prime, is at the first fresh hour, usually around 6,
Terce, is a pause through the morning, mid-way,
Sext, comes at noon, and the clock slowly ticks,
None, means the hours have flowed ahead to 3,
Vespers, is when the evening lamps must be lit,
Compline, is done before we sleep peacefully,
Vigils, are given as sleep and dreams permit.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

We Are Not Alone

The headline says it has been
Newly discovered, that there
Are thousands of Earth-like
Planets out somewhere
In our galaxy, which leaves me
More worried, than happy...

Waiting To Cross The Street

The bright red dragonfly
Is radiant, perched on my
White shirt, where it landed
A few moments ago,
Making me feel oddly
Happy, and lucky, although
An insect's random flight
Has no reason to bestow
Such comfort, yet it does,
And why, I do not know...

Monday, November 4, 2013


The old book, full of answers,
Sits on the dusty shelf, unread,
While the unknowing ones
Finger their I-phones instead,
Not even close to knowing
Things already done and learned,
Wise words in the book wait,
Patiently, on pages un-turned.