Sunday, August 31, 2014

In The Graveyard

Stones to remember those
Now gone to the here-afta,
Marked with paeans,
Poems, and some errata.

Practice Makes Perfect

We are so pumped and full of joy,
The smiles on our faces show,
The simple-pure animal pleasure
That only athletes can know.

Kissing One's Sibling

We play so hard,
To win we really try,
But somehow, it
All ends up in a tie.

Friday, August 29, 2014

The Odd Afternoon Moment

Leaning together, she tapping
The screen of her I-phone,
Me, dozing, and thinking
This sure beats being alone...


Total unbelief and
Shock to be told that,
Hello Kitty is a girl,
Rather than a cat... 

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Words fly through the air,
Each containing ideas
From here and there,

On modulations of sound
Words launch, then land,
Or don't, on what's around.

Depending on sequence
And combination used,
Words often leave one
Bemused, or confused...


Too late, I suppose,
It occurs to me,
That I've lived my
Life too frivolously,
The years now locked
Away, without a key...



Inside the anthill, laboring, and unable
To see the open sky, spread-out above,
We repeat our chores, steady and stable,
In the service of a monstrous queen,
We never learn about the color blue,
As we tend to an egg-laying machine,
Oh! To have been born a warrior,
Fighting and dying, out in the green...

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


I'm thinking of a time when
We were not overly affected,
By fear & stress of not knowing,
A time when we were less connected,
Happily analog, coming and going...

Sunday, August 24, 2014

James Foley

My ship has sailed, without me being
On board, and I watch it disappear,
Over the horizon, as I kneel, facing my
Cruel fate, on the desolate, deadly, pier.


Steadily, towards the cool,
Late-August proceeds,
The pavement cracks
Hosting a glory of weeds.


Going out, each new day,
Growing up and out in
Seeming disarray,
Our lives, like branches,
In constant interplay
Start, climb, and break, in
A non-stop biological ballet.

Photograph by Geoffrey M. Hamilton, 1955-2011


Our lives, a series of emotional blips
Played-out in small drama, between
Armageddon and the apocalypse.

Serve And Protect

The policeman stands guard
At the scene of a crime
He was unable to prevent,
Not having arrived in time...

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Fallen Clown

The famous clever comedian,
Gave up on things, and died,
By his own hand, spurred by
Some unfunny demons inside,
Who chased, and corroded, until
He had no place to run or hide.

Thank You Honey

Under sodden black-gray clouds,
The August air weighs heavy, while
I trudge away from a dog's day,
Soaking with bitterness and bile,
I sweat and wilt, verging on despair,  
Only to be uplifted, later, by her smile,
Her affection a zephyr of cooling air...

Monday, August 11, 2014

Mount Sinjar

Trapped and surrounded,
I can't bother asking why,
Anymore, it's too hard to
Fix, so I don't even try,
Thinking about it just
Tends to make me cry...
But we're safe, for now,
On this place, up high.

The Gift

The notes of a haunting melody
My memory somehow sends,
And I'm caught in the embrace
Of a song that never ends...

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

In God We Trust

We, the declining middle classes,
Increasingly pressured and abused,
By financial forces beyond our control,
Scrimp, save, and buy our cars used,
And the opportunity to abandon the
American dream, is stoutly refused...

We still trust the red, white, and blue,
What else are we supposed to do?

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Lush Remembered

Dreamy-aching feeling of joy and sadness,
Pleasure and loneliness, listening to songs
From a long-lost group, kept alive on the
Web, where the past lives, and belongs..?

She sings and he drums, so seemingly
Recent and real, but in fact they're so far...
Ethereal memories, their images, and
Music remain -- like light from a dead star.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Theory Of Relationships

The secret to marital success
Is to avoid becoming deficient,
Over the passage of time, in the
Value of affection's coefficient.

August Evening Tempest

Thunder, still far away, sounds
Like a monster's grumbles,
Slowly getting louder, as the
Stormy air swirls and tumbles
Over and across the concrete
Urban sprawl, where we hide
In rooms, to avoid the heat,
All electric-powered cool inside,
Protected from the rains, but
Not from the sonic force applied.