Tuesday, March 31, 2015

My Puzzle

I do not have a clue
About how or where
The words, which do
Their best to imply
A meaning, and construe
Something which I
Might surmise I knew...

The Thrill Is Gone

Men and women in pornography,
Acting out adultery and whoring,
In an endless loop, on the Internet,
Titillation, pleasuring, outpouring
In high-definition, again and again,
Ultimately empty, sort of boring...

Lunch Philosophy

Sometimes life gets no better
Than a ham and lettuce
Sandwich, appetite whetter,
Its consumption fulfilling
The temporary need of
Gastronomy, god willing...

Oh Yeah?

Saved by a groundswell
Of holiness, just believe,
It beats going to Hell...

Monday, March 30, 2015

Sweetness And Light (Lush, 1990)

I am defenseless, awestruck, hearing,
Rather than what I see with my eyes,
I sense that you are the sweetness and
The light, you are an apple in disguise,
Your music lifts, it makes me happy,
It is all that sweetness will comprise,
I bite the apple you offer, its juice
All harmonious as the melody flies...


My Lovely Lush

Breeze blows away
What I could not
Feel, might not say...

Pink cloud floats
Up in the blue sky,
Breeze blows it where,
I know not why...

London girls, baby
Machines, feel the
Breeze, they maybe
Blow away unseen...

Breeze clears them,
Shoe-gazer clean...

Who And KC Mash-Up

Do a little dance, make a little love,
It's only teenage wasteland, it's
Only what's below and not above,
Put out the fire, put out the light
We get down, get down, get down,
Get down, get down tonight,
Baby! Teenage wasteland, it's
Only that, the kids are all right.

Pink Floyd

What could you possibly know about
The 1970s, seemingly gone too soon,
No internet, no I-phones, pass the doobie
Around the Dark Side Of The Moon...

No Google search, try paging through
Instead, the encyclopaedia, try making
Phone calls based on the number of
Dimes in your pocket for the taking...

The long playing vinyl record laid
Gently, almost religiously on the
33 RPM turntable, and then it played,
The music, cosmic and miraculous,
Transporting, above and over into
An expanding mental cumulonimbus...

You, who never knew the 1970s,
Will have to just read about it,
Maybe catch a glimpse, if you please.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Flight 9525

He, and the rest of those on his plane,
Plunged down, and crashed, and died,
On a scenic mountain, over which,
In happier times, he would glide,
His love of flying eventually overcome
By the gravity of demons inside...

西大寺 裸祭り

Into the temple they crowd,
All loincloths and naked skin,
No women allowed,
Let the writhing begin...

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Our Reboot

Terms of separation being agreed upon,
The required paperwork being prepared,
You and I can now, from a distance,
Look back on what we once shared,
And, with our lawyers, offer toasts
In memory of when we cared...  

La Nausee

We live in a gray zone
Which exists in between
What we know and that
Which can't be foreseen...

Monday, March 23, 2015


Water trickles down the face
Of the gravestone, poured by
Us, gathered in this quiet place,
We place the offerings upon
The wet stone, which remembers
Our dear ones who are gone...


Saturday, March 21, 2015

Ozymandias 2015

Stone monuments to gods
From a distant older age,
Are defaced and destroyed
In a fit of religious rage,
By men too blinded by hate,
And the power they crave,
To stop, the ancient gods
All silent, unable to save
What was meant to last,
But now turns to dust as
Zealots destroy the past...

Friday, March 20, 2015

Being Cut Some Slack

Every now and then, you get thrown,
End-over-end, through the air, by a
Dried, disinterested hand, a bone...
Something to chew on while you
Contemplate, those options known
To be viable, the future draft picks,
Who, would reap what you have sown,
All of it, hesitant and provisional,
Pending proof of what you really own...

Seen, Several Times, At The Mall

She chose to wear spandex
Obviously not thinking
It would accent her parts
Too fatty, or sinking...

Obesity + tights does
Not equal cool,
Casual provides no cover,
There ought to be a rule...

Monday, March 16, 2015

Naval War College

Fading warriors, gathered in a bone yard
Of a place, distant from national tensions,
Writing essays no one reads, they publish and
Pontificate to supplement their pensions,
Navigating academic battle space, they never
Really prevail, despite their best intentions.


The purple weed soaks up
Winter sun, spreading, pliantly,
On the cold brown ground, growing
By exception, almost defiantly.

It All Adds Up

Random acts of kindness,
No matter how small,
Add up into a happiness,
Sometimes shared by all...

Monday, March 9, 2015


I feel the center of my being is my
Stomach, not my brain or heart,
Thoughts often less satisfying,
Frankly, than a good belch or fart.

On Demand

He kneels on the tatami mat,
Preparing his ink, and brush,
Remembering, listening, then,
The poem words come in a rush...