Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Japanese have turned into an art,
The making of a cup of tea,
Americans drink coffee with
Donuts, less ceremoniously...

Till Death Do Us Part

Marriage is love, sex, friendship,
But also a struggle for power,
Bargaining and deal-making,
Every week, day, and hour...

Biological Burden

A tendency toward melancholy,
Anxiousness, even a sense of doom,
Unknown to men, the burden
Of women, who carry a womb...

Power Of The Like Button

Their relationship began to shrivel,
And eventually ended,
After her Facebook was
Unfollowed and unfriended...


Thoughts and images rebounding
Randomly inside my head,
Questioning and beckoning,
When I should be asleep instead.

Monday, June 29, 2015

The Judges' Gift

Gone are the days when
The old scared rules applied,
Liberated by a rainbow,
You now can walk with pride,
Gone are the times when
You evaded, joked, or lied,
Liberated by a rainbow,
There's no more need to hide.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Launched, Impact Unknown

OK, excuse me, I guess
I'm supposed to look
At the rules written in
Your famous holy book,

As if that was a solution,
Something to simplify
The extant convolution,
Which is our reality,

You hope Donald Trump,
Will answer your prayer
For justice, but, take it from
Me, he's too rich to care,

So, what is left is knowing
That hugs are good and OK,
But diapers also need to be
Changed, by the end of the day...

Friday, June 19, 2015


Moist and cloying cool,
The greens and grays
Dampen and mute these
Rainy season days,

A momentary beauty
Hydrangea displays...


Thursday, June 18, 2015

You, And The Horse You Rode In On...

When it all falls down
And buries you,
Cutting off the light,
What will you do?

Here, we flattened,
Chastened, ones lie,
Ask for no quarter,
We grudgingly comply
Thinking: "Kiss my ass"
Until we dwindle and die.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Unknown Origins

Whistling quietly,
The wind blows through
Ancient stones, stood-
Up by god knows who...


The Hand You Are Dealt

Words, like cards in a game,
Are slowly, carefully, played,
The negotiation hanging
On heart, diamond, spade,
Or club, implied, inferred,
Until the point is finally made...


Random meeting, with
Love left as a gift,
For the taking, then
Off they drift...

Never To Be Read

Buried in a blog,
Like the rings
Of an uncut tree,
A thousand things...

Monday, June 8, 2015

The Green 緑の秘密

Earthly mysteries,
Surrounding us still,
There must be meaning,
Believe what you will,
In reality, it's a gift
From chlorophyll,
Received each time
Your tired lungs fill...


No way, it'll never occur,
"If pigs had wings..."

But then it happens!
Just one of those things,

Then a Chester White
Goes gliding by,
Flapping up into
A puzzled sky...


Sunday, June 7, 2015

Gone Past The Crossroad

Those powerful blues
He would stand and sing,
The notes that his guitar,
Lucille, would bring,
The Thrill Is Gone,
And so is BB King.

The Single Life

Just between you and me,
I converse with,
My flat-screen T.V.,
But only do it
It doesn't answer back,

He Who Would Become A Crater

Too young, too ignorant, too angry,
Brainwashed, filled with hate,
Spurred by a desire for revenge,
Resigned to a religious fate,
Any, or some, or all, of these
Enable me to self-detonate...

Pre-Summer 立夏

The hardest thing is knowing
That what's good, here and now,
Will too soon be going
From now into the past,
The cool days never last...


Self control's collapse,
Complete obliteration,
And surrender to
Love's inebriation...