Sunday, November 29, 2015

Weekend Consumed

Sunday afternoon slides into
Night with little warning,
The next thing you know,
It's a Monday morning,
A Happy Friday's hope
Quickly disbursed and spent
Over a lost weekend,
Who knows where it went...

What, Me Worry?

What can't be controlled,
Is OK for one to ignore,
Go to sleep, it will keep,
Hug your pillow and snore...

Lost Frontier

There was a time before pop-up ads
When Internet websites were free,
Before corporate fence lines were
Erected on the electronic prairie,
Gradually, mercilessly, inexorably,
Business models and bottom lines
Validating our collective hunch,
That control would prevail and stifle,
There's no such thing as a free lunch...

Rodent Precedence

The squirrels descend, in numbers,
From thicket and tree to feed,
On store-bought sunflower seed,
And in the bush, off to the side,
The hungry displaced sparrows
Watch from where they hide...

NFL Is Entertainment

Let us celebrate harvest,
The American way,
Feast on dumb-bird meat,
Then watch football all day...

Fire Pit

On a cold night, under an autumn moon,
Old friends, gathered around a fire,
Warm their hands and memories,
Linger, laugh, until the coals expire...

Saturday, November 28, 2015


Existential nausea,
As things fall apart,
Condemned to be free,
By Jean Paul Sartre,
More or less,
Life is being,
Amidst nothingness...

A Mind's Keyboard

A poet paints a picture with words,
Letters and sounds revealing,
What he's feeling...

Basement View

Seen from below, the wooden planks
Holding up the floor of the room
Where we eat, argue, give thanks,
Make me think of the green tall trees
They once were, alive in the breeze,
Before being felled, thereafter cut
Planed and processed into lumber,
And then nailed into a place of
Static tree bones slumber.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

A Matter Of Taste

Sharp-shinned hawk, on the branch,
Scanning for something to eat,
Ignoring the fat squirrel feeding
Below, opts for different meat...

Pilgrims' Legacy

Family relations as cool
As the living room is warm
Hostages to cooked turkey
On a day of gray winter storm

Wednesday, November 25, 2015


The old cat pads with measured steps,
Slowly, smoothly, climbs onto my lap,
Pauses, thinking old cat thoughts, then
Purring, circles, curls up for a nap...

Gobble Gobble

A turkey's fate,
Eat, strut, grow fat,
Then served-up on a plate.

Pre-Black Friday

Shopping for Thanksgiving, back to the market,
A second time, buying the things I missed,
When I ventured to the market initially,
With good intention, but without the list...

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The Queen

Behold! I am Mantis,
I hunt, and copulate,
Then I eat my mate...


Get up out of bed
Shit, shower, and eat,
Work, come home,
Sleep, then repeat...

No Exit

Before stopping, and
Trying to go back,
The moment passes,
As he loses track,
While trying to cope,
Amidst the grind
He holds onto hope...

Bataclan Theater

What goes through the mind of one
Wearing a suicide bomb on his chest,
Must the random killing really be done
In order to avenge and be blessed,
Self annihilation, everything gone,
Promises of eternity with virgins
Blasted into an empty denouement...

Maternity Ward

Women gathered around the birthing bed,
Glowing in some common uterine power,
Urge the emergence of the baby's head...

Then the rest, pushed out of the womb
In a moment of pain and amniotic slime,
A new life cries, confused, betrayed,
Sucking in oxygen for the very first time...

Gone To Kindling

Unable to protest, or defend,
Against the ax and jagged saw
The tree's life comes to an end...