Monday, February 29, 2016

Predator Survivor

In urban thicket, or park, on the street
The coyote-wolf out on a winter hunt
Looking for garbage or pets to eat
Scavenges or kills whatever it can
Adapting, surviving, strengthening
Always avoids, but unafraid of man

Brain Freeze

Unaware of its arrival, or cause,
Caught in the inertia of a moment,
Unable to anything, I'm stuck in pause...

Leap Day 2016

The bare trees do not perceive or know
This once-in-four-years additional day
Neither do the mountains covered in snow

Sunday, February 28, 2016

In The News

Given a stage or a microphone
Opinionated ones will chatter
Mostly about themselves
But it doesn't really matter
Each one has sold their soul
To be the end state of a
Button on a remote control...

It Must Be Released

Couldn't keep it inside
Fart in the elevator
Nowhere to hide...

Journey's End

Work through all the years,
Eat the bread that you earn,
Until it comes to an end,
Mercifully, in your urn...

Campaign Year

The demagogue sounds so
Refreshing, frank, and vigorous,
But on closer look, his logic
Is not particularly rigorous,
Or well backed-up by fact...

All irrelevant to his followers
Who don't think, just act...

Noodle Bread 焼きそばサンド

No ham, egg salad, or tuna, I guess,
The reason? ... and then it was done,
Fried yakisoba noodles as
Sandwich filling in a hot dog bun...

Thursday, February 25, 2016

A La Titantic

All is harmonious
And humming along
Not even an inkling
That something is wrong
All forward we flow
With wind in our sails
And we're still smiling
When everything fails

Cost Of Culture

The French will do, what they will,
Put tiny food on an outsized plate,
And follow it up with an outsized bill.

After The Passage

Night morphing into morning,
Growing grayness, wet and warm,
The pine trees freshly showered,
By a midnight thunderstorm...

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Man Machine Interface

Time to push a button,
The only chance you'll get,
The one labeled: "Panic",
Another one: "Reset",
Navigate through the chaos,
You haven't failed yet....

Jet Lag

Caffeine wears off,
Things begin to droop,
My brain starts
Turning into soup,
Eyelids gaining
Weight, lowering
With the time remaining....

A Matter Of A Virus

Just a thought,
But why is it said
That a cold is caught,
When, in fact
The virus selects,
Who it infects...

Out Of Control

We thought you were gone away,
But then, you came back, yes
You returned, and we're so
Glad we lived to see this day,
You returned from afar,
Like light from a dead star...

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Best Laid Plans

Our planning and prediction
Always forced to adjust
To reality's bustle and friction

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Cactus Power

The interaction started out serious,
But after some tequila, it turned
Out magical, slightly delirious...

Platform Moment

Out in a winter's rain
Contemplating nothing
Waiting for a train

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Darwinism And Brandy

The bottle, raised by the missing link,
Was consumed, and led to his
Disappearing, forever, into the drink...



The raven looks, but also knows
When its being watched, a skill
Not held by other birds, the
Raven perceives what it will...

Hot Springs 温泉

Japanese people, in a bath,
Soaking in the heat, while
Snow flakes fall, they lean
Back, steamy warm, and smile.