Saturday, December 31, 2016

60 Cents A Pack

Seventeen years old,
All angry and upset,
Go the Mall and smoke
My first cigarette,
It was a Camel Filter,
Or Marlboro, I'll bet,
The tobacco, my
Rebellion, best thing yet...


Beer buzz
In the afternoon,
Satisfies, but,
Ends too soon...

Port Visit

Harbor park bench
Cup of Shizuoka tea
Cormorant floats
On a placid sea


Under a cerulean morning sky
Walk women full of emacity
Toward where the lucky bags lie...


A new year's sun
The old one done
Hope less will be
Lost than won...

Friday, December 30, 2016

Should Be Obvious

Opinions differ vastly on
How one's life should be led,
"You need to believe this!"
"No, go this way instead!"
But mostly it just boils down
To avoiding being dead...

Blues Man

The Blues Man
Makes his guitar cry,
And so do I,
The beat consumes
Me, Oh My, Oh My...

What's Wrong With The World

Assholes ruin everything,
They bully and they bruise,
As they desperately
Do not want to lose,

Egoists will not settle
For being second best,
Shove their way to the front,
And screw all the rest,

Assholes are a
Cause of war,
World hunger,
And more...

Out Of Sight

Somewhere out in the desert
Where dead end trails lead
Dreambirds dance on rocks
Toad eats a centipede

(Art by Mark Harm Niemeyer)


Return of wife
Brings the house
Back to life


It is the last day of the year,
Princess Leia, and others,
Are no longer here

End Of December Breeze

North wind, blows steady, blows cold,
Shows no mercy, cuts no slack,
Reminds my bones they're old...

Friday, December 23, 2016

The River

A river flows in
The same place,
But it's never the same,
Ripples, eddies, erase
What the current
Will curl and displace,
A river is what we are:
Meat puppets, dancing
Under a dying star...

Real Politics

Politicians may pose,
Posture, condemn, tell lies,
But in the end, it's
All about compromise...


Looking at a field of dirt,
Where a building burned
Into nothingness, ashes,
All lost: lessons-learned,
Calligraphy, mementos,
Gone, except for memories,
So it goes...


What a day may bring
Is an unknown thing
So you sometimes adjust
If you really must...

Friday, December 9, 2016


On the border, alone,
And somewhat afraid,
Hoping to be protected
By the walls they made,
On top of this Scottish
Rock, above the glade
And moor, exposed to
Winds, the English blade,
We somehow survived
Attacks aimed, arrayed
Against the hard rock walls
Which our ancestors laid...

Disco Is Dead

All was well, placid, controlled
Until someone started the beats
All funky, the bass and drums,
Propelled us out of our seats,
Into a happy throbbing dance,
Primal rhythm, we lost ourselves
In it, lost in an ancient trance...

Corporate Productivity

I work in the shadow,
Keep my profile low,
Grind away in the
Computer's glow,
And I'm up, and gone
Home, before you know...