Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Sign Of The Times

Apparently the new norm
Is for news to entertain
Vice report and inform...

Short Comfort

Life seems temporarily fine
To the feral cat basking
In a spot of soft sun's shine

Monday, February 27, 2017

Weird Alliance

The court jester joined forces
With the village idiot, and,
The ensuing madness went
Pretty much as planned...


Cursed to be a sibling,
To a psychotic youth,
Who became the king,
Who eats too much and
Tends to kill everything...

Rumsfeld's Wisdom

There is what you know,
And what you don't know,
Then there is what you do
Not know you don't know...

Try as you might to learn,
The unknown may confuse
What you strive to discern...

Sonic Sense

Suppose they can hear
The sermon you bring,
But do they listen?
Now that's the thing,
Can't be deceived
That what you transmitted
Is what they received...


The passive aggressive
Spider waits to meet
The random visitor
Who she can eat...

Sunday, February 26, 2017


The realization that
One can be dumb,
Yet be in charge,
Leaves me numb...

Saturday, February 25, 2017

The Human Condition

Corner bar, could be almost anywhere,
A hunter, denied the natural chance
To chase, and kill, and provide meat,
Hunts for money he put in his pants...

Somewhere Near Mosul

To eliminate the evil terrorists,
A fuel-air-explosive was employed,
Resulting in justice, flying body
Parts, and schadenfreude...


The feel of a cage
Is all about,
Whether you are
In it, or out...


The samurai gazes up toward
A beautiful moonlit sky as he
Wipes the blood from his sword...

Feeding Time

Morning at the garbage placement
Spot, where crows eviscerate
The plastic bags, and feed on
What they don't obliterate,
The sidewalk soon a scene of
Chaos: detritus, bones, wait
For the Mama-san with her
Broom to set things straight...

There, Not Here

Stuck at his desk
He was on a lake

Thursday, February 23, 2017


A victim of injustice, or evil
Acts of bad men, can pay
To get revenge, get justice,
Through a darkened way,
Shigoto-nin assassins will,
Carry out a vigilante task,
Using technique and skill,
On the villains they kill...

Toddler's Payback

Even thick athletic socks
Don't help when you
Tread on Lego blocks,
Which were ordered to
Be put back in their box,
But weren't, and now
It's all about dealing,
With the pain your
Poor feet are feeling...

Ambush Ready

Lying quiet in the jungle heat,
Crocodile on the river bank,
Waiting to attack and eat...

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

School Of Life

Some of us studied hard to learn
About history, science, and math,
Others didn't, and now spend their
Time drinking in the Jacuzzi bath...

Before The Mast

A powerful man is the ship's
Commander and master,
Yet he cannot order the wind
To make his vessel go faster...

Running On Empty

Years already lived, now number
Many more than those ahead,
What remains being actuarial,
Numbers of hope and dread,
Remaining years to be insured,
Or better left to chance instead...


Blown, brown leaves scatter,
February's wind sweeping,
Clean, one's teeth left to chatter,
Shivering glimpses of sunlight's
Warming not enough to matter...