Thursday, August 31, 2017

Millennial Mall

Lunch time in the food court
Inside the upscale shopping mall
And retail employees consort
At faux-antique tables, and on high
Chairs, they carefully comport
Over gossip and banalities, all
Millennial cool, they posture, disport...

Looks Can Deceive

The house wren is small,
Looks cute and without sin,
But it is not nice at all,
The house wren is an assassin...

Lost Afternoon

In a familiar room, alone,
Lock the doors,
Unplug the phone,
Several hours of peace ahead,
Spent silently in bed...

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Unsmelt Flowers

Understanding of it all based
On view through winshield,
Omahan drives SUV over 
What was once a prairie field,
Too hurried to notice, the day's
Small miracles remain concealed...

A Leopard's Spots

He tried to fake
Sincerity, empathy...
Big mistake.


Screech owl sits on a branch,
Motionless, quiet and nice,
Suddenly swoops, with bloody
Intent, toward some mice...

Hello Pyongyang

Summer of 2017 and
Becoming aware of the idea
That death might rain down in
The form of a missile from Korea...

On The Rez

Displaced Native Americans,
Living in poverty and fear,
Some seek the old ways,
While others drink beer,
Eking things out on land
They used to revere...

Backyard Moment

Daybreak, and wild
Turkeys peck in the grass,
While overhead, dawn-pink
Clouds quietly pass...

To Do Or Not To Do

Important to
To decide, resolve,
Act before time
Makes things evolve
And opportunity
Will darken and dissolve...

Monday, August 28, 2017

Partial Recall

The moments, the happenings,
Be they of happiness or pain,
Get caught by a net of cells
Somewhere deep in the brain,
And there, as fragments and
Jewels, the memories remain,
Images preserved by processes
Too complex to explain...

Staying Sane

Reality is a steamroller
Inevitable and enacted
Relentlessly and happiness
Is when we're distracted

Sunday, August 27, 2017


Despite your Facebook
Friends and phone
At the end
You're all alone


Is fungible
Unlike health

Unread & Unnoticed

There are more books
Than one could ever read
So many songs unheard
Shows unwatched, indeed
The enormity is blurred
By a day's flow and grind
An overwhelming mass
Unseen by the blind...

Life Pattern

Go to work and
Do as you're told
Repeat and continue
Until you are old

Tuesday, August 22, 2017


Things spiral into change
Time seems out of joint
I feel I should complain
But what's the point...

Sunday, August 13, 2017


An act of passion
Committed in hate
Cannot be undone
Too bad, too late...

Japanese Summer

Humans tend towards
Sweat and stupidity
While plants quietly thrive
In eighty-percent humidity


Last night
Still remains
In the morning light
Cannot forget
Try as I might