Sunday, April 24, 2011

Emergency Along The Japanese Sanriku Coast

Didn’t you hear the siren, the claxon, the bell..!?
Chaos and destruction are approaching
Like a bull-dozer of death from Hell…
The earth starts to shake, with panic encroaching
Into the formerly well-ordered-stable peace
We considered our birthright, our world
Of commerce and fun, where comfort’s increase
Was assured over time, and assumed
Would continue, until a subterranean tectonic crease
Shifted and released the violence which will now consume
All that lies before it -- perhaps sparing our lives…

So hear the siren scream, the claxon squawk
The loudspeaker stressing “Run! Don’t walk!”
And we scamper and limp toward the higher ground
As death’s brown dust billows all around…

We, who now we realize, were the fools
To ignore our ancestors’ warnings not build
On the low lands by the sea,
Which, after the black tsunami has killed,
Will be nothing but rubble and pools,
Testament to the fierce power of Nature,
And its incontestable forces and rules…

We who, wet and shivering, must now
Find a new way ahead, somehow…

Sunday Afternoon Farce

Every pot his its lid,
Even those pots
You think would not...

Every parent has a kid,
But so do goats,
And pigs make shoats...

Every ego has an id,
Nature's tricky way
Of passing on one's DNA...

Every day has its night,
And you can't dream through it,
Try as you might...

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Ear Buds...?

I feel lonely, isolated,
Stuck in a boredom vacuum
Without ear-buds mated
Firmly between my skull
And my I-phone,
Or one of its clones...

Poor, poor insatiable me,
Without my fix from the Cloud,
It's unfair and unholy, dude,
Like "no fun allowed"...

I'm crashing-mental affected,
I can't be disconnected...!


Nine hundred fifty eight
Literary masterpieces
On my e-book reader,
But no place to re-charge...

Friday, April 22, 2011

Upon Viewing "Avatar" For The 1st Time

A classic Western movie,
Where the Indians
Are big and blue
- - - - - - - - - -
Living in trees
Must be cool,
But where do you poop?
- - - - - - - - - -
Certain very big & old trees
Are revered in Japan,
Called: Shin-Boku (god trees)
- - - - - - - - - -
Couldn't help it, but
With Sigourney Weaver on-screen
I kept expecting the ALIEN monster
To jump out of someone's chest
- - - - - - - - - -
I wonder if when I sleep
Someone gets out
Of a control box somewhere...?
Am I an Avatar,
Or am I in the Matrix...?
Will I ever end-up being
A traitor to my race...?

Glass Half Full

There's a cost to interacting
With people, through the course of a day,
Which comes from the friction
Of lives rubbed against each other,
In every which way...

An unavoidable infliction
Of mundane bruises and bumps,
But also hugs and miracles
Which bring smiles, as we take our lumps...

Don't Go To Them For Comfort

Highly intelligent engineers
Are paid to analyze and think,
Yet they cannot calm your fears,
And their bedside manners stink.

Science, facts, and objectivity
Are cast aside by feelings
And adrenalized relativity...
Engineers so honest in their dealings,
Refuse to to defuse uncertainty,
Driving the masses to panic and drink,
And their bedside manners stink.

Smart people like them
Would know to act better,
You would think...

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The North Wind At Berkey Field

The ball field, flat and wide,
Lets the wind to blow straight
Across and into my face,
As if pushing me back to wait
And slow down the pace,
Of the walk I was taking to clear
My mind -- find a different place
To remember, reconsider, and sort
Out false assumptions; but then,
I stop on the green turf where sport
Absorbed sweat, hope, and tears
Of soccer girls and football boys,
And realize we are more than our fear,
We will cheer, shout, and make noise
Even if the gods never hear.

Rotor Rooter

A brain plumber is hard at work
Using the synapse snake
And neural auger
To pierce through the blockages
That tired troubles make
And free-up the blogger
To write for his sanity's sake...

Spring Break

A happy time on a good day,
Smells of clover and heather,
A moment of peace in a park
In a spell of good weather,
A placid vernal scene
Fleeting, almost unreal,
Spiritual dopamine
Helping emotions to heal,
Like a cathartic belch
After an awful enormous meal...

Avian Knowledge

The crow drags a green wire
Across the greener grass,
Good support material for building a nest...
But where did the bird inquire
To learn about using wire, and the rest?

ElzoHarm Goes Abstract

Evening Commute

Walking into a strange night,
Through eerie kooky light,
Under an awesome spooky moon,
Gotta get home soon...

What We Don't Remember

Lessons of history
Are relevant and effective,
But memories of humans
Are spotty and selective.

Friday, April 8, 2011


Imagine being in the white house -- off center in the photo (taken by some heroic fool) -- watching T.V., or sitting on the toilet, or cooking-up your favorite fry-pan recipe, or making plans for the week-end, or praying, or whatever... When all of a sudden there's a big shake & rumble, and you get settled-down saying it's just another earthquake, and you're picking-up the books that fell off the shelf --- but meanwhile this monster wave rises up above the normally placid beach where you dug for clams and made sand-castles... You never had a chance, my friend...

Nature's Gift

Little purple flowers looking up at me,
Walking to work with lots on my mind,
"Spring is here" they whisper softly...
And although disinclined
To stop, I paused and I gazed
At life's purple hope in a plant,
Which left me happier and amazed...

Iitake Village Song

If you are talking about Grays
That's something about rays,
Which gamma through tissue
Without permission or issue,
And then there's the dirt,
Piling Becquerels of hurt...
Beware floating dust gems:
Milli-sieverts and Rems,
Which slime us in flurries,
Of unimagined Curies...
I laugh rather than cry,
But I can't tell you why...

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tokyo, April Fool's 2011

Glorious spring day...
A gift from heaven
Cherry blossom blooms,
Sprinkled with Cesium-137