Saturday, May 31, 2014


I take the words you say,
Transform, and then repeat
Them, in a mostly similar way,
And performing this small
Magic, I how I make my pay.

Highly-Trained Bullet Sponges

Young men of the infantry,
Disciplined and dependable
March into bullets, insanely
Brave, ultimately expendable,

Young men of the infantry,
The lucky who survive
Return to distant homes,
Traumatized, but alive,
Each one burdened with
The blood their dreams revive.

Another Saturday Night

The young ones go out,
Out of sheer boredom,
Out they go, into the night,
Moving, not sitting still,
They will drink, dance, fight,
Moving they will meet,
Whatever is in-store for them
On the funky-dark city street...

Godzilla Takes A Break

With the city all destroyed,
And nothing left to crush,
Godzilla takes a break,
Figures "What's the rush?"
And so Godzilla goes into
Monster-Zen for a while,
Reflects on the meaning of
Being a giant nuclear reptile...

Monday, May 19, 2014

Plants' Hidden Message

The tree seems like a
Proud lonely fellow,
Standing, green, in a
Heaven's gift of yellow.

Downward Mobility

Could it be that what ultimately caused
Their decline into squalor and indigence
Was an inability to get-up off of the couch
And go out and do some due diligence
To look for a job, work for minimum wage,
Vice postponing and sitting on the fence,
Mostly drunk and unwilling to turn the page.

Nordic Curse

Scrunched-over, with a screwdriver,
On the kitchen floor, in my socks,
Painfully putting together something
Which arrived in an IKEA box...

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Love Market

He and she adjust each day, to each other,
Taking care to adapt and rearrange,
Levels of affection, according to the
Prevailing rate of emotional exchange.

(Re)Listening To Beck

With the quirky rock music playing on,
I am inclined sit back and procrastinate,
And enjoy the moment, in its fuzzy glory,
Before the buzz wears off, before it's too late.

Few things are better than getting
Reacquainted with a good song once
Fallen into the gray-zone of forgetting...

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Clap Along!

Watching a dance, all prance
And jumps, twist and twirl,
I'm lifted to a better place
By the moves of a happy girl.

Way back in our oldest days
The women would rise,
And and move and sway,
To welcome the guys
Returning with the meat
From the hunt, which
Meant that all could eat,
And then, with bellies full,
Another survival day complete,
All of us would clap and sing,
The women leading us
With their hips' earthy swing.

Headed Back To Our Place

Driving home, the a road stretching way out ahead,
Lines in front of the windshield curving, converging,
And it seems we can't go fast enough to reach
The place of of comfort, found at their merging.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Isn't It So?

"Loaded for bear"
Means you're ready to handle
Almost anything, anywhere.

So does "Loaded for Mouse"
Mean you're better off
Staying around the house?

As opposed to being loaded,
Which suggests a situation
Of being lost in some
Lovely state of inebriation...

Growing Up

What we were taught by those older
Than us, was to respect what is real,
And makes business sense, vice the
Music in hour heads, what we feel,
Urges and mistaken assumptions
All sorted out by what we learn,
Our precious, peculiar childhood
Dreams, banished, never to return.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Life-giving Nights

I suppose what is so refreshing about spring,
Is that threat of freezing is diminished,
As things get green and balmy, and
Will remain so until summer's finished,
Leaving us free to roll and swoon,
On the sweet green grass, under the moon.

Eye Contact

So I stare at you,
And you stare at me,
Patiently I think,
That eventually,
You will blink,
But if you don't,
I guess I will,
Because, you won't.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014


It exists, despite occasional
Disturbance and fuss,
This miraculous and
Fragile thing called us,
Which is sometimes also
Known to others as we,
This odd combination
Made from you and me,
Proof that opposites
Attract, unwittingly,
And we try, each day,
With a modicum of grace,
Not to stumble as we run
Our three-legged race,
This thing called us,
A most improbable case,
We somehow avoid what
Would end our embrace,
Us, ambling forward together,
At our own, uneven, pace.

Monday, May 5, 2014

I Am Woman. Hear Me Lord...

Peace, the odd comfort and relaxation,
Are all available, are there for the asking,
If she could only unwind into her real
Skin, and mitigate her multi-tasking,
For slowing down at home can reveal
The small miracles of everyday life,
Which are consistently downplayed,
Ignored, in her fight against being a wife,
Grimly, she sticks to the choice that she made
To go out and try to have it all, no matter
The hard cost to herself to be paid.

Plan B

My other Blog, where I take some of my older poems and attempt to do some kaizen.  改善


Tango No Sekku 端午の節句

The carp kites swim in the wind,
On a day when boys are treasured,
Still young and lovely, before they
Grow, and then are measured
To wear the implements of war,
And tattered battle flags will wave,
Where the carp kites flew before...

Friday, May 2, 2014

Golden Week

On a day, so cool-sunny pleasant,
People overcome by the urge to go out,
And they do so, in numbers, this Saturday,
All strolling, shopping, and milling about...

A man pushing a dog in a stroller,
Stops, with a lost look on his face,
As if he's waiting for someone to
Prod him, perhaps take his place,

Nearby his woman bends over
A carton of colorful clothing,
At an open-air market where
Hundreds mingle, some of them loathing
The prospect of it all ending,
Too soon, with no way to save
The minutes they're spending...

Others, are simply unaware,
Happy to be strolling, shopping, and
Milling about, in the springtime air.