Wednesday, November 30, 2016


Oenophiles claim it's just not right
That I pour my Merlot into a glass
With ice, and then mix in Sprite,
Well, hey, whatever gets you
Through the night...


Calling on old memories, sometimes
They come, sometimes they don't,
In certain special cases,
They simply won't,
The images they carried,
From all the unremarkable
Days, remain buried...

Prepper's Fate

Preparing for the Apocalypse,
Bunker built, everything stored,
Then wait until nothing happens,
Feel disappointed, then bored...

Plastic-wrapped Sofa

It's as if chaos and time's movement cease,
In the living room where nothing lives,
Every pillow in its place, all is peace...

Viewed From Faith

Each and every god-given day,
Filled to the brim with micro-risks,
All one can do is hope and pray...

Our Suburb

Windowed boxes of wood and brick,
Islands in oceans of short green grass,
Populated anonymously, with cars
Changing as the decades pass,
Silent, orderly, subdivided, subdued,
Tree-lined dream of the middle class...


The old black cat hops
Up onto the bed where
I lie, then he stops,
Yawn, stretch, and scan,
Then down he drops,
To carry-out his cat plan...

Bad Planning

A parking lot, empty,
Never been filled,
For years, sits on top
Of a meadow it killed

Monday, November 28, 2016

Dusk Guests

The cardinals come by
In the dimming light
Red visitors feeding
As day turns into night


Inside the thatch
The songbirds hide
From the hungry hawk
Who hunts outside

Her Image

The photograph preserves,
In black and white,
A moment of beauty,
Which, try as I might,
I cannot help but feel
A loss, a yearning for
It to live, become real...


He goes to work, zombie-like,
Gaunt, grimacing, spent,
Slouches back and wonders
Where his happiness went...

Makes Me Wonder

Must be some some kind of truth
Written down somewhere
Treating people equal is not
The same as being fair...

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Monochrome (Rev)

Wake with the sun,
What's going on,
When you're gone...

Sheets on our bed,
Tangled, cold, like
Love wasted, misled...

Breathe with your sigh,
Makes me high,
Don't know why...

Worry and wrack,
Disappear, as I
Embrace your back,
I will never let go,
Only you, and I,
Will ever know...


I thought I had a plan
Everything schemed
And laid out in order
Until tequila intervened...


The super moon
Is super, but is
Gone too soon...

Audio Healing

Oh, music, you can
Bewitch, beguile,
As I let go, surrender,
For a while...

Monday, November 14, 2016


The movie, viewed and reviewed,
Only exists as celluloid frames, or
Ones an zeroes digitally accrued
Into a story full of sex and fear,
Transient flickering images,
Which take us far away from here...

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Desk By The Window...

I work per the requirement,
Of being selected and hired,
Years ago, submitting reports
No longer desired, or required...

Funakoshi Harbor

Coast Guard patrol vessel
Backing out into the bay,
En route some sort of duty,
On a cool November day,
Watching it, it occurs to me,
That I am watching, caught
In a moment, existentially...